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What People are saying about Bonnie

"How do I put into words what the interaction of Bonnie’s soul has done for my life.  I think volumes of books could not capture what profound growth has occurred for me through my relationship with Bonnie.  Bonnie has a special talent to intuitively and lovingly nurture and activate you and assist you with creating a space that allows you to bloom in almost any way your soul may be yearning to take flight.  She is my beloved teacher and my life has been truly blessed by her loving presence.  I have the great honor to have been a recipient of her wisdom and talent at so many levels.  I have been encouraged to grow as an artist through her classes too and love her style in teaching art.  Most of all I love how all encompassing my time with Bonnie is.  It’s full of all that is meaningful and you walk away enriched and excited about what is next.  Thank you Bonnie for all you are and for the great effort and care you have put into me."   Teferet.


“Bonnie has been my mentor, teacher and cherished friend.  Her wisdom and guidance have carried me through the darkest days of my life.  Without her I would not be who I am today.  I have love, peace and happiness now; I live a rich and fulfilling life.  I am so grateful for her, who she has been and continues to be for me.  I hope others see this and are inspired to receive the benefit I have received.  Thank You Bonnie for everything.”   M Homan

Meeting Bonnie for the first time was life changing.  I’ve had many spiritual experiences in her presence.  Eventually leading to a shift in identity.  She continues to be a loving and healing presence in my life. - PK

“Bonnie, your presence in my journey is much more than words can explain.  Your Love always felt in my heart.  Life just gets more and more filled with the happiness you radiate.  With a most grateful heart.”  Hima

“I have been working with Bonnie since 2003.  She has been instrumental in helping me with the most difficult times in my life.  These problems included serious health issues, death and failure to release issues including monumental disappointment.  Her blessings and guidance allowed me to process these things, begin forgiveness and ultimately to release all hurt.  I consider her a loving angel on earth committed to help us all.  I love her unconditionally.”  Linda Leverette

’Sometimes no matter how happy and up beat a person can be , life can suddenly take us off track.  So many things hit at once that I sat in my office thinking, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”  Seconds later, Bonnie's husband Harvey, my photographer for my real estate, knocked on my door.  He knew immediately that I wasn’t my jolly self and not only gave me Bonnie’s number but arranged for me to meet with her immediately at her ‘healing house’.  With Loving and gentle care  she showed me how to calm myself through breathing and to be still.  the Bible teaches, ‘Be still and know I’m God.  But how difficult it seemed at the time.  Her guidance, calm and soothing soul helped me to reconnect with my center, God.  Thanks Bonnie.  Love You.”  Diana.

A cute rhyme from Diana.

“If your feeling out of whack
And a hump is on your back.
Coz a load has got you down,
And your smile is now a frown.
Do what I did on that day,
When I just couldn’t even pray.
And my faith did fade away.
 Reached out and got a hand.
From a lady and her man.
Bonnie was my angel here,
and, to you she’ll be a Dear.
Love, Diana

“I highly recommend you work with Bonnie, her dedication is incomparable and she truly cares about your personal growth and development, where ever you may be on your path.  Bonnie has been most influential in my spiritual awakening as well as of my children.  Through her complete love and guidance our lives have been forever changed in the best way possible.”  Love You Bonnie!  Angie

I gladly write this recommendation for my friend and neighbor, Bonnie.  We have been friends for over 25 years.  She is very artistic and a good teacher for children as well as adults.  You should feel safe in whatever environment you choose to meet her in.    Best Regards, Edwina Driggers


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