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Mentor and Friend for Excellence.

I call myself a ‘Friend for Excellence,’ because none of us should feel our lives as a mere routine, when we can feel totally connected, alive and inspired.  I’ve lived this journey of self discovery for many years.  It actually never ends as we relate more and more to a deeper aliveness borne from within.  Are you wanting to make a deeper connection to your Self and to your own Excellence?  
Together we can discover, ignite and fuel the very things that will make this happen!  Are you Ready to Bring yourself fully to the table and Live the Life you’ve been dreaming of?   

1 Infusion You’ Session     $75.00
2 Infusion You’’ Sessions $125.00  
3 Infusion You’ Sessions  $200.00

Each session is approximately 90 minutes. 

Art Teacher

I Love teaching art to anyone who is wanting to move from feelings of intimidation and not knowing how to begin to ‘falling in Love and really enjoying your art supplies.

Supporting people in bringing to life their unique creative spark is such a joy to be part of!  Mine is a playful loving teaching style that puts you in touch with your own can do spirit!  

 $50.00 an hour for one on one training.

Why not consider hosting  an art journal party with a few friends.  Perhaps a circle of Beautiful Sister Friends.  Together we can create a fun experience while deep diving into your hearts and bringing out some nice, juicy parts of yourselves, for self growth, for discovery, or just plain fun!  I’m all for Creating a Life You Love and creating space for the Deepest Heart Living!!


Priced according to venue.
$250.00 minimum

The Ripple Effect of Living Life Fully. Alive and Awake, Motivated by Your Inner Most Inspired Heart.  (This is my why!)

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